The unit of currency used in Indonesia is the Indonesian rupiah. This is indicated as Rp. Indonesians often us the word perak. One US dollar will buy roughly 8,990 Indonesian rupiah.

Officially, the rupiah is subdivided into a hundred sen but because of inflation coins and banknotes denominated in sen have been rendered obsolete. Coins are commonly available in denominations of 100 Rp, 200 Rp and 500 Rp. Banknotes are typically found in denominations of 1000 Rp, 2000 Rp, 5000 Rp, 10000 Rp, 2o000 Rp, 50000 Rp and 100000 Rp.

Cash and travelers checks in US dollars are widely accepted in Indonesia. Euros are increasingly accepted. Australian, British and Japanese money can usually be exchanged in tourist centers in Bali and Java.

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